Department of Corporate Espionage

Department of Corporate Espionage conducts business worldwide by spying on corporations to identify potential companies for hostile takeovers, for placement of corrupted executives, or planting moles to destroy a company, or to create mock competition for companies with market monopolies.
  • Fraud
  • Wars
  • Alien Outsourcing
  • Identity Thefts
  • Price Fixing
  • Hostile Takeovers
  • Corrupt Exec Placement
  • Planting Moles
  • Mock Competition
  • Software
  • Technology
  • Fashion
  • Vehicles
  • Media/Music
  • Agriculture
  • Many others...
  • NSA Magazine
  • NSA Dating Service

Department Activities Include:

Hostile Takeovers Hostile takeovers of companies that naturally should belong within the Evil Cartel.
Corrupt Executive Placement Corporate recruitment and placement services for corrupted executives, trained to lead a company to perform accounting frauds, embezzle funds, misrepresent company's prospects to investors, all for a highly inflated salary and stock option plan.
Planting Moles Plant moles within companies who can destroy a company's culture by spreading gossip to company employees.
Mock Competition Create mock competition to compete with companies that have monopolies within a certain industry or market.


210 East 13th Street, New York, NY 10003 tel: 609•945•5407